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fino Marine

Luxury and performance in high speed power boats
Production of this supreme sport boat was limited to less than 30 built between 1968 and 1970

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 If you own one of these rare classic machines please contact us so we can create a register of the
remaining legends.

Craigs words of wisdom

Craig is an expert on The Fino. Having acquired and restored several of the Fino boats here on this site.
Here are some explanations in his own words.
Thanks Craig

SootFace is not Dales boat as noticed on your website. SootFace was SuperSpook.  Dale’s boat was my second NickeLess.  The first NickeLess is now Tuscany. I had the following;


  • NickeLess (1) was salvaged from being half buried in the ground in Dania Florida’s Denison Shipyard with the Kiekaefer 496 race motors half stripped and many parts gone.  I bought it for $1,000 from the bank who was owed $40,000 for her.  I restored her and sold it to Tuscany after blowing one of the 496 motors and replacing both with 502’s
  • I also bought SuperSpook for $15k, painted her blue and renamed her to SootFace and sold her to someone up north.
  • The boat that Dale has, I purchased on the West Coast of Florida for $15k.  It was owned by a drug dealer that went to prison.  His wife sold me the boat.  I did a lot of work on her as far as new decks, fuel tanks, paint, etc, but lost interest when a friend wanted to park his 63’ Sunseeker in our boathouse.  I moved the boat to its trailer but had to set it outside in the elements. A friend, now ex-friend, promised me he would restore it if I gave him a good price.  I agreed and did just that.  I later learned he actually bought it only to flip to someone looking for one. He did immediately flip the boat and it was sent to Seattle where it sat again.  Tung Luu, a well-known painter and friend of mine in Lauderdale bought the boat and had it shipped back.  He started to restore it when Dale purchased it.



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