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fino Marine

Luxury and performance in high speed power boats
Production of this supreme sport boat was limited to less than 30 built between 1968 and 1970

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 If you own one of these rare classic machines please contact us so we can create a register of the
remaining legends.

Earl Smalley's Fino

Earl Smalley , co-owner of the Miami Dolphins (during the year of their perfect season) and a boater and seeker of solitude bought the Fino at the 1971 Miami International boat show. It was all white with an orange boot and interior. I'm thinking the Miami Dolphins had something to do with his choice of colors!! Earl was a Miami legend,land developer and an avid boater.
These photos were sent to Butch Stokes by Michael Smalley, Earls son. Michale has fond memories or riding in this Fino out to the family house in Stiltsville. Below are some of those shared memories. The location of these pictures (except the one with young Michael on the transom fishing) were shot on Miami's Little River canal behind Dave Craig s Skyway Marine. The first picture was shot behimd the Jockey Club. On this site there are several pictures of Fino boats behind the Jockey Club. That was a hot spot for the social back in the 1970'S and 1980'S (even today).
  This boat was then sold to Donell Lybarger and re-named "Super Spook". It was then sold to Craig Tafoya and re-named "Soot Face". It is now owned by Dan Wood and named "BRAVO"
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