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fino Marine

Luxury and performance in high speed power boats
Production of this supreme sport boat was limited to less than 30 built between 1968 and 1970

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 If you own one of these rare classic machines please contact us so we can create a register of the
remaining legends.
Randy Smalley's Small E
This Fino is back to the original owners Family, the Small E is undergoing a deserved restoration. This boat was bought new from Fino by Earl Smalley in Miami and launched for the first time at Dave Craig's Skyway Marin on NE 7 Ave and NE 79 Street in Miami Florida. As you can see the Smalley Family was having a ball in it behind the Jockey Club in Miami and at their house in Stiltsville and it will again provide many years of memories  for the next generation of Smalley's. The first group of pictures are of the first launch since the extensive restoration. The boat heads to Florida soon to attend it's first boat show at the annual Vintage Weekend at the Ocean Reef Club in the Keys.
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